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F ounded in Paris in 1994 by Yasmina Zerroug, Charme d’Orient is the combination of traditional genuine beauty rituals and products inspired from the customs of oriental women and adapted to modern times. Today, the brand is being exported from France all over the world: UK, Italy, USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Greece, Indian Ocean, the West Indies, the GCC, Azerbaijan, Georgia etc. Charme d'Orient considers it a point of honor to select quality products, manufactured in the tradition of true artisans in accordance with European regulations for cosmetic products. Suppliers are subject to regular quality audits and compliance must meet demanding specifications.

Used in establishments the world over

We’ve continued to develop and expand, and our products are now sold at exclusive hotels, spas and retail outlets. Charme d’Orient supplies a selection of top spas such as Jumeirah Spa Abu Dhabi (UAE), Les Bories & Spa in Gordes en Provence (France), Kempinsk Hotel San Lawrenz (Malta), Kempinski Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi (UAE), Kempinski Jordanie (JORDAN), Radisson Blu (Belgium), Radisson Blu (Romania) Jumeirah Bilgah Spa (Azerbaijan), Four Seasons Baku Hammam & SPA (Azerbaijan), JW Marroitt Baku SPA and Hammam (Azerbaijan), Hilton Baku Hammam (Azerbaijan) and many others.

More than a methods of care, each treatment is a ritual


More than methods of care, Charme d'Orient wishes to pass on real beauty rituals. Each treatment is a ritual; each movement evokes a perception, each ointment a history and each scent an emotion. Charme d’Orient uses exclusive products for these rituals, of which the ingredients are either 100% natural or at least 95% natural and come from the East, Maghreb and the Sahara. Our treatments aim to soothe and calm the mind, bring the emotions into balance and ease strains. These captivating centuries-old treatments include the Royal Hammam Ritual, a sheer bliss for both mind and body. 

The signature Honey Paradise


A full body treatments which include mask of natural Honey and Royal Jelly to nourish and delight the skin. The Cereal Body Polish, an exfoliating treatment to thrill even the most sensitive skin. The Crystal Firming Experience, a firming face and body treatment for skin lacking in elasticity, and most importantly, the Royal Anti-Aging Ritual, an exquisite anti-aging facial ritual to soften the effects of time. Daily Care: Range of home skin care products perfectly suited to the everyone, from Body Milks to Traditional Black Soap with Eucalyptus, Ghassoul, Aleppo Soap, Honey and Royal Jelly Mask, Facial and Body Scrubs, Argan Oil and Perfumed Oils such as Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Mint, Jasmine, Fruits, Flowers, Rose etc .

Hammam treatments at home


We glad to offer you to indulge in your own personal hammam treatments at home or at a proffecional Hammam with Charme d’Orient’s deep cleansing Ghassoul Face & Body Mask and Black Soap with Eucalypthus, or moisturise with highly perfumed Shea Butter with Argan Oil.

Organic range of personal care products


The highest quality products at the affordable prices for everybody. Charme d’Orient organic products range are certified by Ecocert'. Award winning Products: Our products and ranges have won Prix H. Pierantoni de l'Innovation of France in 4 consecutive occasions. Charme d'Orient Bio Range - Prix de Pierantoni 2011: The jury voted unanimously for these products. All of them abound all extracts oriental plants: argan, nigella, shea butter, aloe vera and prickly pears.