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Honey Waxing



Get rid of  the waxing Horror Stories!
Grow your business this year!
Introducing Oriental Honey Waxing©!

Our patented product that is changing concepts about getting waxed!

The pain, the bad experience, strips, spatulas and funny positions are what converts the waxing process into a horror story. What if  you could turn waxing into a pleasant, almost painless and enjoyable experience for your clients and eventually expand your business?

Oriental Honey Waxing benefits in many ways.


A smooth and almost painless experience for your clients; ideal for arm pits and eyelids as well. 
Makes bikini waxing easier and takes away the uncomfortable and the degrading bits.

The honey wax is made of  honey and lemon juice only. It is caramel like. 
While waxing, it takes away the dead cells. 
The waxing process becomes an exfoliation one as well.

You will end up giving a massage to your client.
The well being and the good feeling afterwords is the factor that makes them come back.
Nourishes the skin:
Vitamins, oligo elements, amino acids contained in natural honey nourish the skin, revitalise, heal and help regenerate cells thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Skin breathes:
The massage and exfoliation opens up the pores and let skin breathe easily and thus benefitting the skin.
Gives the client a boost, both morally and physically.

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Join the family! Start Honey waxing!
Trainings available at your establishment or at ours.
Cost of  5 hour training £250.00 (includes starter kit worth £150.00)

Total cost of Training per person £250.00
Terms and Conditions apply.

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