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Alum Stone


Alum Stone is a naturally-occurring potassium salt (potassium and aluminium sulfate) and it has many uses: Cosmetics, culinary, flame retardant, taxidermy, Medicine etc. Alum's antiperspirant and anti-bacterial properties makes it an ideal underarm deodorant. The alum stones regulates perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin and protects against bacteria that produces bad odour. It has always been recommended for people with heavy perspiration. Nevertheless it is suitable for the whole family and sensitive skins as well. The Charme d'Orient Alum Stone Deodorant's protection lasts as much as 24 hours. It is ideal for feet perspiration and odor and is an alternative to the industrial deodorants that contains chemicals and allergic substances. Above all, this is a very economic. Our 75 gram deodorant stick can last up to 18 months under normal use.

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