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The beauty Secrets of the Orient


T he Passion and dedication of Yasmina Zeroug - Charme d’Orient was founded in 1994. This is started as an out of the ordinary oriental beauty care centre, which evokes memories of an oriental culture attached to elegance and the symbols of beauty, feminine charm and body rituals.

Since 1998, Charme d’Orient has continued to develop specific treatments inspired by oriental traditions of beauty care. More than just beauty treatments, Charme d’Orient aimed to pass on genuine beauty rituals.

The brand now offers a complete range of cosmetic products perfectly suited to the modern woman from honey paste to massage oils, hygiene products and specific face and body care products.

In parallel, Charme d’Orient provides training in wellness centres and beauty parlours that wish to propose oriental treatments to their clients.

Charme d’Orient prides itself in selecting quality products, made in the finest tradition of the artisans in line with European regulations in terms of cosmetic products.

The suppliers regularly undergo quality and compliance audits and must follow stringent specifications. Charme d’Orient employs a full-time quality assurance managers to assure that the products are made according to strictly dictated formulae and they ensure high quality of ingredients and the final products.

The products are available to the public through professionals in beauty parlours, hotels, thalassos, prestigious spas and department stores in France and abroad.

Today, the brand reaches out from its Paris Headquarters to exclusive distributors in Italy, Germany, the Gulf states, Russia, Canada, Japan, Greece, and in the Indian ocean, the West Indies.

Over 1500 beauty professionals the world over propose Charme d’Orient beauty care and products.
In U.K. Charme d'Orient Products are imported and distributed by Beeguest Anglia Ltd